S11–The CW Awards!

Dearest reader, here I present Creative Writing Awards to some most worthy recipients. I beseech you check out their blogs at The Horns of Elfland and Hidden Universe (Box of Tales). The Story-Eyed Scribblers Writing Association is honored to present the following Creative Writing Awards to… Laura The Sincerity Award…because you are so willing to … Continue reading S11–The CW Awards!


S5 – White Roses and White Ghosts

This darling classmate of mine, Elissa, has Ghost written Chapter 5 of For the Love of Elaine…AND I ADORE IT <3. Such an honor, Elissa!


This week’s challenge was to ghostwrite a chapter for a fellow classmate’s novella! I decided not to do something from my own novella’s genre, so that cut out all the fantasy novels (sniff). Instead, I chose For the Love of Elaine by Abby (check her out on Harvest of Stars!), a fictional murder mystery set in the 1930s. Besides the fact that we currently have the same blog theme, I wanted to see if I could imitate her luxuriant, dramatic writing style, which I find inspiring. I hope my attempt does her justice.

Intro: young, kind Elaine Whitney, an orphan cared for by the butler on Chadwick Estate, has just been murdered. In this chapter, we jump into the head of the young gardener, Ian Donald, the evening after the murder. I expanded Ian’s backstory and wrote this with the assumption that he is innocent.

Chapter Five

The rhythmic…

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S5–Ghost Write! Chapter 5 Only a Pawn

Hello all! This week I was tasked with ghost writing Chapter 5 of someone's novella. I chose dear Laura's Only a Pawn. Let me explain that I was focusing more on capturing the characters of Pawn and Lady Rook, explaining their relationship a bit more--not so much plot progression. Please, check out Laura's wonderful novella … Continue reading S5–Ghost Write! Chapter 5 Only a Pawn

S1–Gifford and Elaine Audition for America’s Got Talent

I have a slight obsession with talent shows--it's one of my guilty pleasures. Enjoy this take of Gifford and little Elaine from my novella For the Love of Elaine as they travel to the present from the 1920s to audition for AGT!   “Go on now! You’re on!” Tyra Banks the host squealed, as she … Continue reading S1–Gifford and Elaine Audition for America’s Got Talent