The Absolute Finale

CHAPTER X IN THE MORNING           The iron gate swung stiffly on its rusty hinges. A tall, dark man with an enigmatic face and piercing eyes strode along the velvet carpet of green grass still wet from last-night’s shower to a modest gravestone. He stared at it, a cream rose in one hand.           “‘In … Continue reading The Absolute Finale

NP Final Installments 3

I should be sued for taking a whole month to post the last bits of my Novel Project. Truth be told, I've been waiting because I know I should keep working on my conclusion...but then I thought to myself, "that's what the official For the Love of Elaine site is for--to post my edited novella." … Continue reading NP Final Installments 3

S8–Music, Literature, TV, and Old Hollywood

For this assignment, I had to answer a several questions relating to the characters in my Novel Project. I have hyperlinked most every reference to music scores, books, and TV shows. Please, enjoy feel free to send me your own questions on the characters!   What song would be the film score for your story? … Continue reading S8–Music, Literature, TV, and Old Hollywood