For the Love of Elaine Inauguration and Chapter 1 Edited!

Hello, my lovely readers! This is to announce the official inauguration of my website For the Love of Elaine, exclusively dedicated to the product of my Novel Project. Hasten hither to read the revised and transformed "Chapter 1: In the Night"! Comments, criticism, and praise--all are gladly accepted. 😀


S13 ~ The Awards

Thank you, Laura!!! So touched!!! ❤

The Horns of Elfland

He gave us swords — draw out your words, and glorify our King!”

This is my last sandbox! I’m trying not to cry, but instead rejoice in the wonderful time I’ve spent playing and digging and building with you all.

*deep breath*

Here, as we end this year, I want to truly appreciate some of what I’ve seen this year.

I would have loved to give awards to my entire class, as I have savored the time we’ve spent together in creating one of the best classes of my entire life! You are all such wonderful writers, whatever angle or style you prefer! Truly, a class of this kind takes courage and determination, and you’ve all showed that. It’s been amazing, even if I haven’t had time to read all your novellas (or even most of them).

So, before we go any further, here’s my class-wide

The Titleless…

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S5 – White Roses and White Ghosts

This darling classmate of mine, Elissa, has Ghost written Chapter 5 of For the Love of Elaine…AND I ADORE IT <3. Such an honor, Elissa!


This week’s challenge was to ghostwrite a chapter for a fellow classmate’s novella! I decided not to do something from my own novella’s genre, so that cut out all the fantasy novels (sniff). Instead, I chose For the Love of Elaine by Abby (check her out on Harvest of Stars!), a fictional murder mystery set in the 1930s. Besides the fact that we currently have the same blog theme, I wanted to see if I could imitate her luxuriant, dramatic writing style, which I find inspiring. I hope my attempt does her justice.

Intro: young, kind Elaine Whitney, an orphan cared for by the butler on Chadwick Estate, has just been murdered. In this chapter, we jump into the head of the young gardener, Ian Donald, the evening after the murder. I expanded Ian’s backstory and wrote this with the assumption that he is innocent.

Chapter Five

The rhythmic…

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CW13 ~ A Happy Wdding

This is darling–and WAY better than my “No E” post. Enjoy the lovely writing of a dear friend!

The Horns of Elfland

Writing without the letter “e” is hard. Very hard. But (I think) I did it! So…

I hop you njoy this lovly account of a wdding, from th ys of a littl flowr girl… hopfully it’s not too awkward… 😉 And lt m know if you find any forbiddn lttrs!


“Mommy, look at this!” My pink skirt twirls around. It could match a crown. “I’m Aurora! Look, Mommy, look!”

Mommy’s busy tying a light pink bow on Priscilla’s gray gown but throws a quick grin my way. “I know! And your cousin Sara is right out of a fairy book…” Mommy turns to focus on braiding rosy ribbons through Priscilla’s updo.

“I know! I know!” I’m dancing now, spinning round and round. “I’m so happy, Mommy! And Aurora didn’t throw big bwossoms – bl-l-lossoms – is that right, Mommy?” I don’t wait for Mommy to say. “But I will! I…

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