Adulthood: A Matter of Biology and Potential

I wrote this essay for my English class. A new story idea might bloom from the research I gathered...Hopefully you find the topic interesting and challenging as I do. 🙂 Adulthood is not behavior-defined. It is biologically defined. That said, once the body has physically transformed into an adult, normally occurring at a certain age, … Continue reading Adulthood: A Matter of Biology and Potential


Paradise Lost: On Fallen Angel and Man

Just a little taste of classic literary analysis. Redeeming the epic tradition, John Milton retells Christian mythology by mingling the divine with the mortal in Paradise Lost. His poetic rendition paints the entwined relationship of God, angels, and men that brings about man’s fall. Lifting him to converse with Heaven’s entities, Milton crowns man with … Continue reading Paradise Lost: On Fallen Angel and Man

S13 ~ The Awards

Thank you, Laura!!! So touched!!! ❤

The Horns of Elfland

He gave us swords — draw out your words, and glorify our King!”

This is my last sandbox! I’m trying not to cry, but instead rejoice in the wonderful time I’ve spent playing and digging and building with you all.

*deep breath*

Here, as we end this year, I want to truly appreciate some of what I’ve seen this year.

I would have loved to give awards to my entire class, as I have savored the time we’ve spent together in creating one of the best classes of my entire life! You are all such wonderful writers, whatever angle or style you prefer! Truly, a class of this kind takes courage and determination, and you’ve all showed that. It’s been amazing, even if I haven’t had time to read all your novellas (or even most of them).

So, before we go any further, here’s my class-wide

The Titleless…

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