About the Author

Hello! Let me introduce myself: my name is Abby, I’m sixteen years old, the youngest in my family, and a lover of Christ.

Physical. Suffice to say that some ancestor of mine was either a Pygmy or a fairy.

Personality. Creative, artsy, dramatic, intuitive, sensitive, and generally sweet (I think…I hope…) with a touch of spice, a tad socially awkward…

Hobbies. Singing–I serenade my neighbors every day. Playing piano. Drawing and painting. Reading and writing–I love stories!! I like acting but I’ve never been in a theatrical production. I love horseback riding! I’m an old movies buff. Walking around barefoot–even if that means grilled feet when I rescue sunning clothing from the baking terrace tiles. Lastly—but far from least—daydreaming.

Quirks. I make A LOT of facial expressions–probably too many for my own good. Thus, I’m the ideal subject for any kind of meme or GIF.

Dreams. On the more whimsical side: to sip flowering tea (if you don’t know what that is you NEED look it up) in a fairy glen, to one day open my closet door and end up in a certain snowy wonderland with a rooted lamppost, and to climb up to the stars. On a more grounded note: to go see a Broadway musical, to participate in a play/musical, to visit New Zealand besides Europe and the Holy Land (of course), to fall in love only once and have a lovely big family, to write at least one beautiful truthful novel, to live in a darling old house, to paint starry skies on my ceilings and entwined branches across the walls of that darling house. Finally, though it’s more my faith: to discover what Paradise with the beautiful King is really like (I have something like a poem about that in J6–Ode to Poetry).


Favorite Books/ Series/ Short Stories in No Special Order.

Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

Lord of the Rings by J. R.R. Tolkien

The Tutor’s First Love by George MacDonald

“The Skylight Room” by O. Henry (You can read this precious short story here!)


Favorite Movies/TV Series.

Roman Holiday

It’s a Wonderful Life

Anastasia (the 1956 version)

Rebecca (1940)

On the Waterfront

Sound of Music

Lord of the Rings

The Chronicles of Narnia


Little House on the Prairie

The Waltons


The Andy Griffith Show (classic clip)




Very happy to have introduced myself…Have fun reading my blog!