S5–Ghost Write! Chapter 5 Only a Pawn

Hello all! This week I was tasked with ghost writing Chapter 5 of someone's novella. I chose dear Laura's Only a Pawn. Let me explain that I was focusing more on capturing the characters of Pawn and Lady Rook, explaining their relationship a bit more--not so much plot progression. Please, check out Laura's wonderful novella … Continue reading S5–Ghost Write! Chapter 5 Only a Pawn

CW8–In the Green Room

Free writing week! I've had this idea for awhile: writing an additional scene to Anastasia's rather ambiguous ending. Don't misunderstand: Grandmama's closing words are some of my favorites, but as a hopeless romantic I can't help wondering what was happening in the Green Room as the grand entry was being arranged. If you have not … Continue reading CW8–In the Green Room