S5–Ghost Write! Chapter 5 Only a Pawn

Hello all! This week I was tasked with ghost writing Chapter 5 of someone’s novella. I chose dear Laura’s Only a Pawn. Let me explain that I was focusing more on capturing the characters of Pawn and Lady Rook, explaining their relationship a bit more–not so much plot progression. Please, check out Laura’s wonderful novella here at Only a Pawn! Before we begin, Laura, I beg you a thousand pardons if this is a completely deplorable representation of Pawn and Lady Rook!


Lady Rook was magnificent, and Pawn watched her with avid attention from behind iron bars. With alacrity, she aimed the silver-feathered darts of her ivory bow with deadly accuracy. They whizzed across the battle field in winged flight. Swoosh. She ducked as black knight’s sword swept over her head. With one quick motion of her leg, she kicked up his feet and black knight was floored. Swerving and twisting, she danced across the battle field, leaping from rock to rock, her long flaxen braid and powder blue skirt blazing and twirling against the setting sun. She was swiftly turning the tide of the battle distinctly in Puranobl’s favor.

          And I am the one who made it possible, Pawn thought with a warm glow in his heart. If it weren’t for me, Lady Rook would still be behind these bars, all her daringness wasted!

He had proven himself. He could be a hero! He was a hero…a hero. The very word sent a thrill of excitement down his spine. He had found out who he was: he was possible of greatness!

He turned his attention back to the dancing figure on the salt and pepper field before him. Lady Rook was binding the hands of Black Pawn and leading him to the dungeons near Puranobl’s red and blue pavilions with a hand on his shoulder. She walked with dignity and grace: her firmness oddly and sweetly contradicted by the delicate shape of her hand.

I haven’t only proven to myself I can be a hero, Pawn hopefully speculated, I have made myself worthy of Lady Rook’s hand!

Ever since they had first met as children, Pawn had felt in awe of the regal little Lady Rook. Perhaps at first, she had held herself a little too proudly, but with the years, her manners had softened with womanly tenderness. And as her compassion grew, so had Pawn’s devotion to her. He had fetched and carried for her, always readily available for any little service. He had waited on the fringe of every conversation or circle she was in. Although her kindness was ever present whenever she asked for Pawn’s service, she had never seen him with an affection equal to that of Pawn, until…

It must have been two years ago now, but the memory of Lady Rook’s tender smile warmed Pawn’s heart. He had been hoisting buckets of water up from the well to give Knight’s charger a washing. Being a gangly youth and still ascertaining the movement of his ever-growing arms and legs, he awkwardly swept the yoke onto his shoulders with a bucket on either end. But upon turning back to the stables, he felt one of the buckets swing into an object, and from the inertia of the unexpected swing Pawn fell flat on the ground, dizzily realizing that a stunned and soaked Lady Rook lay on the floor too. Pawn scrambled to his feet and offered Lady Rook all the assistance he dared, being a perfect gentleman in heart if not in dexterity.

Nevertheless, Lady Rook had suffered a bruise on her forehead which swelled to an impossible width, and Pawn, as punishment, was tasked to look after her every need, which he did without a hint of slovenliness but all the remorse and diligence in the world. However, as Lady Rook’s bruise changed color from black to purple, from blue to green, she grew quite fond of Pawn, observing his wonderful willingness to serve and all his endearing little quirks.

Thus, on the last day Pawn was to wait on Lady Rook, he finally gathered the courage to approach her and at least voice some of his affection for her. He picked a bouquet of wild flowers which grew between the wedges in the rocks and stammered, “I—I—I brought you flowers.”

Maybe not the most impressive speech, but Lady Rook’s face had bloomed with a delighted smile, and the stars in her ocean blue eyes had twinkled like scintillating lights.

From then on, the couple had had an understanding of close tenderness for each other. Pawn had always aspired for her hand—but his hand had seemed too unworthy to profane hers.

Yet, now…now…Perhaps he still had a long journey before him to win her hand. Still, within his heart at present, he felt the flame of hope burning brighter than ever before.


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