CW13 ~ A Happy Wdding

This is darling–and WAY better than my “No E” post. Enjoy the lovely writing of a dear friend!

The Horns of Elfland

Writing without the letter “e” is hard. Very hard. But (I think) I did it! So…

I hop you njoy this lovly account of a wdding, from th ys of a littl flowr girl… hopfully it’s not too awkward… 😉 And lt m know if you find any forbiddn lttrs!


“Mommy, look at this!” My pink skirt twirls around. It could match a crown. “I’m Aurora! Look, Mommy, look!”

Mommy’s busy tying a light pink bow on Priscilla’s gray gown but throws a quick grin my way. “I know! And your cousin Sara is right out of a fairy book…” Mommy turns to focus on braiding rosy ribbons through Priscilla’s updo.

“I know! I know!” I’m dancing now, spinning round and round. “I’m so happy, Mommy! And Aurora didn’t throw big bwossoms – bl-l-lossoms – is that right, Mommy?” I don’t wait for Mommy to say. “But I will! I…

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