Well, this is disappointing. I can’t seem to figure out how to space out the different verses in wordpress. :/ But casting all that aside, here’s a brief look into my poetic-ish endeavors. I thought this style would suit the subject more, since poetry is succinct and can be more fragmentary.

P.S. I have included an image of the original piece at the end to show the original spacing–something I took time in crafting specifically for this.


by Lady of Chairel


How can you

with three sweetly sung sounds

shatter my soul?

Its shards lie on the floor

bleeding perfume.

How can you

so carelessly

break my heart?

Still I would rather



                      a thousand


at the

                          touch of a feather,


                             the breath of a breeze,


like a block of ice

barely s p l i n t e r at the


of a hammer.

How can I

at a whisper of beauty

hurt so easily?

See my soul

—crystal prisms

                        across the floor,

rainbows dancing

                    to a siren’s song.

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