NP Final Installments 2

Ignore all chapter numbers. This is number one of the last minute installments of For the Love of Elaine….Enjoy! Your comments will spur me on as I complete the remaining story-line. Summary: For the Love of Elaine, set in the 1930s, recounts the investigation of young and sweet Elaine Whitney’s murder, focusing on the contrast … Continue reading NP Final Installments 2

S11–The CW Awards!

Dearest reader, here I present Creative Writing Awards to some most worthy recipients. I beseech you check out their blogs at The Horns of Elfland and Hidden Universe (Box of Tales). The Story-Eyed Scribblers Writing Association is honored to present the following Creative Writing Awards to… Laura The Sincerity Award…because you are so willing to … Continue reading S11–The CW Awards!

S8–Music, Literature, TV, and Old Hollywood

For this assignment, I had to answer a several questions relating to the characters in my Novel Project. I have hyperlinked most every reference to music scores, books, and TV shows. Please, enjoy feel free to send me your own questions on the characters!   What song would be the film score for your story? … Continue reading S8–Music, Literature, TV, and Old Hollywood