Thank you, my dearest classmates and readers, for joining me so far on this journey!


Mid-semester—already! Time to fix a milestone: this is the hour we look back and take stock of all we have offered the world thus far in literary prowess.

Journal entries have been a joy to write! Digging deep into Scripture is so rewarding: I know I uncovered several unexpected gems. Displaying vulnerability has proved powerful. And exposing my hilarious, embarrassing self to the entire world—well, there’s nothing more fun. I shrunk my favorites list down to two: “J3-Hack Down the Thicket”—this passage (Matthew 5:15-16) jumped out at me, taking a completely unexpected twist, and pointing at my own Achilles’ heel. The emphatic command and almost pleading tone taken in the meditation are meant for myself. On the other hand, “J5-Just Something to Do with Shoes and Plaster Thrones” was an absolute ball to write: I’m quite convinced experiencing that harrowing situation recounted was worth the aggravation so that I can simply recall it now. It always brings a laugh!

Creative Writing assignments have been—mostly—lovely to experiment with. They have presented several challenges—each challenge, I pray, I have met with no too pathetic a response. My favorite would have to include prose, while my least favorite would have to include poetry. I bring to your attention “CW7-A Western Retelling”: as I typed, the story unfolded like a movie in my mind. Moreover, when I surveyed my work, I was actually satisfied! However, “CW2-Every Day Beauty” did not unwind like a movie in my mind. I declare it again: poetry is not my forte. That weakness, playing second fiddle to my own procrastination, created a stressful weekend of churning out something with at least a hint of poetry about it. The result was acceptable if not resplendent, yet the process was agonizing.

Listening to everyone’s thoughts and stories has been fantastic! Their stories inspire my ideas; but more importantly, knowing I have company makes this journey all the pleasanter. The Brer Rabbit tales shared during class must be my overall favorite, but if I had to pick one special fellow writer who dwells closest to my heart and inspires the most envy—that would be Laura. True, she might possess an unfair advantage at winning my heart’s affection, for she’s already had it as a friend for as long as I can remember, but one must acknowledge she also wields a mighty talent as a writer. My goodness, her poetry makes me want to curl up in a shell like a hermit crab and never show my face again—it’s so exceedingly brilliant! And I always read her journal entries with a smile: they sound just like her—which is quirky, humorous and insightful. Dearest reader—Hark! Hear ye not The Horns of Elfland calling? Scurry hither and answer their beckoning!

Thus far we have come, further we will go fellow sojourners on the Creative Writing path! Let’s all raise a mug of perfectly glorious hot chocolate with itsy-bitsy marshmallows and a hint of cinnamon to the adventures we have encountered and the ones to come! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “J8–Milestone

  1. Abby —
    I am honored and humbled that you chose me, as I am very envious of how well you write, and I wish I could capture Western spirit and simple sweetness with the grace flowing from your fingers. Thank you for your kind words — I love being in class with you! ❤

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  2. Aaaaww, you did just that right now–I’m actually tearing up a bit. Thank you!! I’m sooo happy we have this class together!!! ❤


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