CW8–In the Green Room

Free writing week! I’ve had this idea for awhile: writing an additional scene to Anastasia’s rather ambiguous ending. Don’t misunderstand: Grandmama’s closing words are some of my favorites, but as a hopeless romantic I can’t help wondering what was happening in the Green Room as the grand entry was being arranged. If you have not watched the 1956 film Anastasia, I urge you to go watch it now, here, before you read this! That way you will already have the characters built up for this scene. Even if this isn’t your cup of tea–still go watch the film if only to experience movie and theatre legends such as Yul Brynner, Ingrid Bergman, and Helen Hayes in action. That being said, as I just began writing this scene this morning before class, I feel my scene rendition fell short. Hopefully I’ll re-do it soon to do the movie justice. To further the mood, I encourage you to listen to the Anastasia soundtrack as you read–it makes for quite an effect. Without further ado, enjoy! 



Looking down at her fingers on the handle, Anna closed the door softly behind her. Eighteenth century paintings in burnt umber delicately graced the Paris green walls, intricate relief work framing them and weaving the wall into the ceiling. Shaded pairs of miniature lamps branched from the walls, casting a soft glow. Countess Livenbaum, decked in a lavish gown and jewels of the old Russia, sat in one of the ornate chairs, talking profusely, her rather large nose bobbing up and down, sending her companion furtive glances. General Bounine stood sideways to the Countess with his straight strong back to Anna. When she looked up, his keen eyes caught hers through the mirror. She faltered and fumbled with the pearl-studded diadem in her hand. Before she could reach out to her, the Countess rose to her feet with an expansive sweep of her ostentatious tulle wrap.

“Ah, now I must really fly for we are about to begin at any moment, and you are not waiting alone any longer, dear General. Now don’t run away!”  With a last sweep of her wrap and another foxy glance at Bounine she glided out the twin doors to the hallway, clicking them shut behind her.

The General strode to the other side of the room. Anna hesitated and walked over to the large mirror along the opposite wall, her head held high. As Bounine gazed hawkishly at her, she unsteadily pinned the diadem to her hair.

“You should be downstairs surveying the spectacle,” she put in, sending a scoffing look towards Bounine.

He held her blue eyes with his own sharp ones, searching her gaze, but she tore away. He did not respond. The silence clamored in Anna’s ears.

“Don’t marry Prince Paul,” Bounine interrupted.

Anna gave a little laugh. “Always giving orders! And, pray, why not?”

“You don’t love him,” he responded his eyes boring into her.

“No, I don’t.”  A nervous smile flitted on her lips and she continued to fidget with her diadem.“He didn’t remember the waltz,” she flippantly remarked, “How silly of me to have asked him. Are you sure my first dance was with him?”

“I’m not staying to hear the announcement.” Bounine’s hard stare watched her every move.

Anna’s fingers slowed to a halt; her face fell. She swallowed the rising lump in her throat.

“No?” she entoned, digging a pin into her scalp.

Bounine strode slowly towards her, his gaze never faltering. Taking her hand in his own, he caressed it against her soft cheek. She met his intense stare, her own eyes sparkling with tears.

“Don’t marry Paul because I love you,” he spoke soft and deep, “—you, Anna Korref or Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova—just you.” He tilted her head back with his fingers and kissed her gently on the lips.

The pearl-studded diadem slid off her golden hair and onto the floor at their feet.





2 thoughts on “CW8–In the Green Room

  1. Thank you!! So glad you liked it! And, hopefully, yes, I will give in to my hopelessly romantic self more often haha. 😀


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