CW6–The Journey of Joseph

I wrote a narrative poem based on the biblical story of Joseph. It didn’t turn out quite as I would have wished but then I’m no master poet…Maybe I should rewrite it in prose–I do love Joseph’s story! Anyways, I kept a constant ten syllables per line, six lines per stanza with an AABBCC rhyme scheme. I was planning on keeping to an iambic pentameter, but barely beginning the assignment at 11:30 the night before it was due, I threw all such lofty ambitions to the wind. Look out for metaphors, personification, and synecdoche!


He was the apple of his father’s eye.

As he in rainbow robe sashayed close by,

His brothers glared with hatred glowing red.

Yet he gloated and their fearsome fire fed

With dreams of harvest bundles bowing low

And sun, moon, stars bent to honor bestow.


Spotting brother Joseph climbing their way

No longer did they keep their blaze at bay,

But with hateful hearts plotted blood to spill.

Yet Rueben the oldest pled not to kill.

Instead they threw Joseph down the dry well

And to merchants for silver did him sell.


Far down in the fertile land of the Nile

Joseph found himself in painful exile.

A servant in the house of Potiphar

He arose and his good name did not mar.

But his master’s wicked wife took vengeance,

By deceit punished him for insolence.


Each time the Lord his God dragged him down low,

Joseph’s humility did greatly grow.

Yet in goodness God broke his iron chain:

Dreams to Pharaoh’s servants he did explain,

In royal court coming drought did reveal.

Pharaoh gave him control as ruler ideal.


Throughout the entire land famine did reign

So to Egypt Joseph’s brothers did strain.

Although he knew them, they did not know him.

Cat and mouse he played with them on a whim,

Causing them anguish but hurting them not.

He relented when Benjamin they brought.


Rivulets of tears streaming down his face,

He opened his arms wide for an embrace.

For their crime Joseph his brothers forgave,

Humbly vowing God had sent him to save.

For his family Joseph did provide:

Their blessings God faithfully multiplied.




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